Outside the Room of this Body


My collection, Outside the Room of this Body, explores the impossibility of being in the body, the female body, the unhealthy expectations impinged upon women, my own struggles with self-image, and my inherent contradictions, as a feminist. It examines social constructs and how I prove complicit within them, via past and present experience, re-imagined mythologies, and near-future technology, as both information, and the body, become condensed. Additionally, the body becomes a harbinger of anxiety, a fear of death and of loss, and a desire for permanence. This collection is not a desire to obtain an answer but to determine the questions I must ask, to become the feminist I owe myself, and, one day, if I am able, a woman half as strong as my mother.



Poems of mine can be found in Poetry Quarterly, Perch Magazine, The Heartland Review, Santa Clara Review, Crab Fat Magazine, City Quill, Fishfood Magazine, Westchester Review, Good Juju Review, Free State Review, and others. This past May, I was one of the winners of the Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival Contest, and I was nominated to read at the festival and open for Matthea Harvey.